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New 23 June: State PIRG Summary of Security Freeze and Security Breach Notification Laws These are the laws enacted based on the model law below.)

New Model ID Theft Law Revision of 7 Nov 2005 Available Below

Why A State Model Consumer Laws Page?

States are innovators in the field of public policy and have truly demonstrated that Brandeis was right when he called the states "laboratories of democracy." We hope that by providing model laws prepared and endorsed by leading consumer organizations, we can assist states in doing a better job of protecting their citizens from unfair marketplace practices. Additionally, we hope to convince state legislatures that they have a dual role to play: they need to pass innovative laws and they need to convince Congress that is against the national interest to preempt stronger state authority, when it enacts new laws.

Download The State Clean Credit and Identity Theft Protection Act

Congress did not complete the job of protecting citizens from identity theft or credit bureau mistakes when it enacted the FACT Act. Further, some identity theft protections of the FACT Act are enhanced and improved if states take additional action.

The State Clean Credit and Identity Theft Protection Act is a project of the state PIRGs and Consumers Union and seeks to address those areas where states must act to give consumers greater rights under federal law and also proposes additional safeguards in some of the numerous areas not preempted by the FACT Act. It provides a model statute for states wishing to extend consumer rights and protections to their citizens. The act can be introduced as an omnibus reform or individual sections on issues including police reports, security freezes, Social Security Number protection and credit scores can be introduced separately.

1) Download the model law (updated 7 Nov 2005) as a pdf or a Word.doc.

2) Download the important appendix in pdf "After the FACT Act: What States Can Still Do to Prevent Identity Theft." Gail Hillebrand, Senior Attorney, Consumers Union (html version).

Other Model Laws Watch this space regularly for links to other model laws endorsed by consumer advocacy organizations in areas ranging from predatory lending to prescription drug price reform..
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