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Other Consumer Resources on the Internet

Federal Government

  • Gateway to Federal consumer information.
  • Federal Communications Commission consumer information.
  • Federal Food and Drug Administration.
  • Federal Trade Commission.
  • National Consumer Information Center.
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

State Governments

  • National Association of Attorneys General
  • National Consumer Information Center Listing of State, County and City Government Consumer Protection Offices

Private and Organizational Resources

  • Consumer.net
    A collection of information sources about consumer protection, telemarketing laws & regulations, junk e-mail, Internet privacy, and more
  • Consumers International
    A non-profit, worldwide federation of consumer groups, dedicated to the protection and promotion of consumer interests.
  • Consumer Project.
    Harvey Rosenfield's organization, focusing on consumer, taxpayer, and medical patient rights.
  • Consumer world.
    Huge number of links to all kinds of consumer resources.
  • Council on Economic Priorities
    Examine corporate social responsibility.
  • Consumer law page, provided by the Alexander Law Firm
  • Canandian Parents online
    Should have hazardous toy recall data for Canada online very soon
  • Electric Consumers Alliance
  • National Institute for Consumer Education
  • Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Hotline
    Focuses exclusively on privacy issues.
  • UCAN: The Utility Consumers Action Network
  • Corporate Watch


  • Consumer Reports Online Note: Most areas of this site are subscriber only.



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