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  • NEW: Go To PIRG's Financial Privacy Alert Page for Links to our work on the flawed Amy Boyer Law on Social Security Numbers.
  • Also on PIRG's Financial Privacy Alert Page   Details on the new law, S 900, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Modernization Act, that legalizes Orwellian privacy intrusions by banks and what you can do to stop it. This bill was signed by the President on 12 Nov 99. 
  • Letter from U.S. PIRG and Consumers Union PIRG urges withdrawal of intrusive "Know Your Customer" rules that would require banks to collect information to create "profiles" of all bank customers, then to monitor all their account transactions, invading their privacy. Monday, 8 March 99 was the deadline for comments to four federal bank regulatory agencies. PIRG wrote comments that were endorsed by the nation's other leading consumer groups, Consumers Union and Consumer Federation of America. (5 March 1999) HTML : PDF 
  • Letter from U.S. PIRG and Consumers Union (publishers of Consumer Reports Magazine), to the nation's chief regulator of national banks, Acting Comptroller of the Currency Julie Williams, outlining the need for a series of changes to banking laws to ensure that banks, especially those affiliated with insurance companies, protect the privacy of personal credit, account, medical and insurance records. [12 Oct 1998]  
  • Letter to Commerce Secretary Daley in response to a White House/Commerce Department conference on "privacy self-regulation," urging further government action, because self-regulation was not enough. 
  • Leaving Industry to "Regulate" Itself Will Worsen Privacy Invasions, Experts Say 
  • Consumersâ Financial Privacy Needs Protection in H.R. 10, a letter to the members of the Senate Banking Committee. 
  • Data Dealers Seizing Control Over Our Lives, an opinion editorial for the May 1998 issue of "At Home With Consumers". 
  • Letter Regarding a Proposed White House Conference on Privacy U.S. PIRG and other internet and privacy advocates express concerns about the conference. [26 Fec 98] 




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