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PIRG's Consumer Watchdog

Watchdog@pirg.org is an e-mail robot that replies with various consumer factsheets. Mail with a subject line including a "Keyword" automatically receives fact sheets. Note that the robot cannot read any messages you send. General inquiries should be send to webmaster@pirg.org

To request a factsheet, send email to "watchdog@pirg.org" with the specified keyword in the "Subject:" line of your email. Click on the keyword for the web version of the fact sheet. (Note: email fact-sheets may contain more recent information).

Keyword Topic
theft1 Preventing theft of financial identity
theft2 Checklist for identity theft victims
bank Tips to lower your bank fees
toy PIRG's safe toy tips
credit Errors on your credit report? (revised Feb '97!)
debit Debit cards
help Updated fact sheets available (more fact sheets may be available before this web page is updated).



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