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Hearing Shows Credit Card Industry Continues Aggressive Marketing Of Overpriced Credit Cards To Students, Exacerbating Their Student Loan Debt Problems 9/5/02

Student Loan Interest Rates Plummet To All-Time Low 6/4/02

Jobs Not Working For Many College Students 4/16/02

Student Loan Debt is a Ball and Chain for Many Graduates (3/7/02)

Student Loan Interest Rate Legislation (S. 1762) Will Make College More Affordable For Millions (1/24/02)

U.S. House of Representatives Fails to Pass Student Loan
Interest Rate Legislation (S. 1762)

The State PIRGs' Higher Education Project Applauds Senate Passage of Student Loan Interest Rate Legislation (S. 1762) Statement of Ellynne Bannon, Higher Education Advocate (12/14/01)

Students Mobilize To Protect Pell Grant Increase (11/12/01)

New Student Loan Rates Are the Lowest in Years (6/12/01)

Students and Colleges Respond to Loan Industry Law Suit (4/13/01)

Big Student Loans Causing Bigger Problems: PIRG Report Finds Students Underestimating Impact of Student Loan Debt (3/27/01)

Roderick Paige Receives Passing Grade at Confirmation Hearing (1/10/01)

To Senate Appropriators, on FY2003 Student Aid Funding (7/15/02)

On Rep. Miller's proposed amendment to H.R. 4866 (6/13/02)

On the FY2002 Pell Grant shortfall (5/14/02)

On the student consolidation loan proposal (4/29/02)

On the President's proposal to change Section 458 of the Higher Education Act (3/19/02)

On the "Affordable Student Loan Act" (11/14/01)

On the "Internet Education and Equity Act of 2001" (7/25/01)

On the "Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001" (9/24/01)